Divorce and Anger

Divorce and anger often go hand in hand especially when you are new to the process and you are the recipient of someone’s betrayal or desire to live a new life without you. Although anger is not the only emotion you are likely are experiencing, if you are having difficulty managing your emotions you may benefit from taking one of our anger management courses in addition to our Florida Online Parent Education and Family Stabilization Class. Please contact us at Jacksonville, Florida office and let us know if we can answer any questions for you about our courses or our services. Also, please take our anger management quiz to determine whether gaining some assistance would do you some good.

Anger Management Techniques That Work
                Anger Management Quiz

Take our simple Anger Management Quiz to determine if you potentially have a problem with anger management. Our quiz is not an empirically validated assessment but it does give you a rough estimate of the level of potential problem that you may have. In the event that you suffer from anger management issues, there are numerous tools available to help you. These tools can be acquired by reading an anger management book, taking an online course, or participating in anger management therapy with a licensed psychologist, therapist, or counselor. At D’Arienzo Psychological Group. we offer online anger management courses and in person anger management coaching or therapy. Please contact our office at 904-379-8094 if we can be of assistance.

DPG Anger Management Quiz

Instructions: Read through all of the statements below and for each question answer yes or no. Add up the number associated with either yes or no to determine your DPG Anger Management Quiz Score. Once you have a total score, determine what your score suggests in the results section.

  1. I have an easy time forgiving others event when they have harmed or offended me or someone close to me. Yes (0 points) No (10 points)
  2. I typically hold a grudge for a long time. Yes (10 points) No (0)
  3. I tend to be easily irritated and mad at even the little things. Yes (5 points) No (0 points)
  4. I often displace my anger onto others that do not deserve it. Yes (10 points) No (o points)
  5. If someone rides my tail when I am driving or they cut me off, I attempt to get them back. Yes (10 points) No (0 points)
  6. When I am angry I say hurt full things about others to retaliate against them. Yes (10 points) No (0 points)
  7. My grudges can last for years. Yes (10 points) No (0 points)
  8. There is someone at work still to this day with whom I have an unresolved conflict. Yes (5 points) No (0 points)
  9. There is someone in my family still to this day with whom I have an unresolved conflict. Yes (5 points) No (0 points)
  10. If I have anger toward someone, I have no problem telling them why. Yes (0 points) No (5 points)
  11. When there is an event that causes me to be angry, I cannot stop thinking about it. Yes (10 points) No (0 points)
  12. If I have a bad day at work, I bring my anger home with me. Yes (5 points) No (0 points)
  13. I have at least one person in my life that I can talk to when I get upset or angry. Yes (0 points) No (5 points)
  14. After I have expressed by anger, I often feel guilty or regretful about it. Yes (10 points) No (0 points)

0-20 points: You are likely  in the clear in your ability to manage your anger. What ever you are doing to remain calm and effectively regulate your emotions, continue to practice the same techniques.

20-70:  You may have some challenges in expressing your anger appropriately, and managing stress may be difficult for you. You may want to consider taking an anger management course or talking to a professional before your anger lands you in trouble.

70-120: You score suggests that you are having significant problems managing your anger and you would best benefit from speaking to a professional and absolutely taking some type of course whether it is online or in person. Anger over time, can lead to significant problems with your health, in your relationships, and at work. Again, if you are scoring in this range, it is absolutely time to get help today.

See our Anger Management Online Courses Below 

Online Anger Management Four (4) Hour Course       $29.99

Online Anger Management Eight (8) Hour Course      $49.99


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